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The Inability of Being Alone (2020)

Feature Film | 1h 21min | Portuguese

Caos Calmo FIlmes / Coyote Vadio 

Due to severe immunodeficiency, 20-year-old Alice is unable to leave the house. Her life is limited to the four walls of the room and a handful of people she's allowed to live with. Her friend Fred is her main pillar and also the way she "experiences" things in the real world. One day, through the internet, Alice meets a boy her age with whom she falls in love. He challenges her to meet on the beach in Porto Covo. Despite wanting him with all her strength, Alice fears everything that is outside her known limits. Despite this, in a moment of madness, she plucks up courage and goes on her journey there. Fred, as always, will be by her side for whatever reason

A impossilidade de estar só Trailer
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Written by:

Joana Andrade

Directed by

Sérgio Graciano

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